Our plugins come with lovely demo apps, top class customer support and detailed documentation.

Stripe Connect - Marketplace

Everything you need to process marketplace payments with Stripe Connect.

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PDF Creator

Generate custom reports, invoices, files and more with this powerful PDF plugin.

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A+ Onboarding - Product Tour

Introduce users to your app in style with a custom onboarding tour.

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Universal Video Player

A powerful and highly flexible video player plugin built with Video JS.

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Beautiful Maps - Mapbox

Add incredible maps to your app.

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PDF Potion

Create PDFs of any page in your Bubble app from any page

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Replicate - AI & ML Models

Bring the power of AI to your app with a range of models.

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Stripe Checkout (Shopping Cart)

The perfect companion for eCommerce apps.

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Advanced Whiteboard

Let users brainstorm, work together and create magic with a collaborative whiteboard.

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Simple Slider Input

Create custom sliders that go far beyond the native slider option.

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Stripe Customer Portal

Allow your users to cancel subscriptions, upgrade their plan an view invoices in a beautiful Stripe portal.

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