We acquire quality Bubble plugins and templates

We've partnered with some of the leading contributors in the Bubble.io ecosystem to provide them with a quick, straightforward exit

Here are some of the devs we're acquired plugins and templates from

Lucas Portet

Creator of A+ Onboarding - Product Tour plugin

Cranford Tech was the perfect acquirer! The deal was done in a matter of days and I'm really pleased with what they've done with the plugin since the acquisition. Can't recommend them enough.

Damian Janzi

Founder, bubbleHacks

The acquisition process was really straightforward and Alex was a pleasure to deal with. I would be happy to partner with him again in the future.

Ankur Khandewal

Founder, NoCode Talks

Last year, I sold my "SaaS Landing Page Template" to Cranford Tech. The process was smooth and efficient, making Alex an excellent partner for selling your Bubble plugins or templates. His professionalism and efficient approach ensured a seamless transaction.

We provide a good home for plugins and templates

We like to buy these types of plugins and templates

High quality
It solves a real problem
Existing install base
At least 50 installs
Good reviews
At least 3.5 stars

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